Published in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn #18, at age 16


I introduced myself to Todd at a Pittsburg Comicon some 19 years ago… At that time, I had already been published by Marvel in Marvel Comics Presents #139 as penciler and inker for a 8 page short called “Batroc the Leaper in ‘Feat First'”… so….. I had a pro badge, and was able to use it to cut ahead of the thousand people in line waiting for Todd’s signature.

I showed Todd a quick pencil sketch of Spawn I had done a bit earlier that day, and I asked if I could do a pin-up for Spawn the comic book. To my great surprise, he said yes, and that he’d pay me a thousand bucks to do it! He wrote his home phone number down on a promo booklet and told me to call him…

So I did. I called him over and over, and he would talk with me for sometimes an hour or more…

He was always a great inspiration to me as an artist and one hell of a great person. I always wished that someday I would be able to work with Todd again…. but alas, when I was hired by Extreme Studios at 17, I was *ROBbed* of that experience. LOL

Aaahhh the memories.

Here’s a photo of a framed copy of the pin-up hanging in my studio…. Todd kept the original.

Published in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn #18, at age 16