Porsche Gig on Craigslist? WHAT?!

Sometimes, you will find a diamond in the rough, in the most unsuspecting places. In this case, I landed the Porsche Panamera website launch campaign on Craigslist.org!

Yeah, neat, sure… kinda. But… why would this project be on that website? And… why would I be looking for work on Craigslist? Well… I browse gigs on Craigslist ’cause sometimes, you can land a major project like this, if you are good enough. But, it’s not like the ad said it was for Porsche, or even who the company was that was hiring… it only said they needed a Sr. 3D VFX Generalist with photo-real car experience, from anonymous. I happened to have some experience with 3D cars. So I submitted my creds…

Now, onto why a Porsche gig would be hiding on CL:

A web development company based in NYC had the bright idea to take on a project way out of their means to deliver. Once they realized the magnitude of the work involved in taking a photo-realistic interactive 3D project – when they’re only a 2D web developer – they set off on their own campaign to reach the furthest corners of the states – in this case, Los Angeles – to find an artist capable of delivering on their promise to their client, Porsche. After speaking with them and learning they had received 500+ submissions, and they decided to go with someone who wasn’t able to deliver… they then called me, said they wanted to go with me, then backtracked and said they wanted to go with the other guy they started with… then a few days later, they called me back… and I landed it.

But, that was only the first challenge. Turned out, the entire project would be riddled with challenges, while they needed it all done in no more than a few weeks. Everything from deciphering all the manufacturers technical 3D models, to all their client’s demands…. It was definitely a bitch. In the end, despite all the headaches and lost sleep, I delivered what I could and it turned out to be pretty cool.

Here are some clips of the different cars in action on the interactive website:

Porsche Gig on Craigslist? WHAT?!