Samsung TimeSquare Washer – Cloth Dynamics

This spot and the other Samsung TimeSquare TV animation were definitely the most dynamics intensive visual effects projects I’ve worked on in my career. Mainly, because particles/cloth/liquid/fur dynamics are a particularly specialized area of 3D VFX and it took years in my career, intimidated by the concept of how to go about learning dynamics in all its forms, till I finally had the skills to take on the challenge while being paid to learn on the job.

Cloth dynamics is a particularly complex area – especially in this instance – where not only was I required to set up each cloth to react according to real world physics… but also, the director had a very specific vision for how the cloth should flow and look during each wash cycle of the interior washer’s animation. The main challenge was to make dynamics look “pretty” and that’s no easy task for someone who’s never done it.

Well… it was countless hours of simulation, revision, sim, rev, sim, rev… trial and error… till finally, I got it to look BEEEEUUUUUTIFUL!

Oh… and I also had to make the liquid around the cloth pretty too :)

But don’t take my word for it, take a look:

Samsung TimeSquare Washer – Cloth Dynamics