TEASE, if you please!


Imagine, a comic book convention full of the most amazing, inspiring artists you’ve never experienced. Now, shrink that venue down to a small, intimate room and remove all the unfavorables – keeping only the attractive, well-dressed fans and most passionate creatives. Now, imagine these artists are instead the loveliest, sexiest, emotive, experienced women you could only dream to someday be in your immediate presence…

Then, each of these professionals takes turns playing and teasing on your every sense, seductively discarding each article of clothing, down to the absolute minimums…. while tingling even your funniest bone, too.

That’s where I was last night for two hours… Believe it or not, thanks to the one and only, Jude Terror and the Greatest Comic Book Website, The Outhouse, asking lil ol’ me to cover this event: Donna Hood’s “TEASE, if you please!” Authentic Burlesque Show – www.teaseifyouplease.com

Now, visit the website; visit downtown Los Angeles; visit Donna and her very talented friends. Stop imagining!

– Pedram Shohadai
Los Angeles Outhouse Correspondent

TEASE, if you please!