Some of my #personal #heartbreak


Wished for long our hearts be true. Last and long our souls ached blue. Days long past and memories still. At long last, we hadn’t the will.

Battered heart, tortured soul. Death do us part, her only goal. Blood, sweat, tears, she did shed, made only separate beds to lay our heads.

You remember me. We were meant to be. But your ill motivation and fearful desparation caused our separation and made me flee.

If I was a King and she were my Queen, I’d cut off that head just like Anne Boleyn.

At times, I miss your sexy legs so much. I don’t know what to do, but remind myself repeatedly, how they come with the rest of you.

Been getting drunk lately to start making bad decisions, cause I only make good decisions when I’m high.

Marriage is tying the knot at the end of the noose. Freedom is to live without fear to lose.

Empty hands out to each other, trying to earn their bread and butter

Some of my #personal #heartbreak