#CrotchRocket #Hiphop #Rap #Lyrics


If you want to know
what it feels to be me,
imagine a guy
seeking his thrill
slicing through shit
at high-speed trajectory.

any of many wrong
split second decisions,
I’ll be in urgent need of
several critical incisions.

Then, at times,
when I’ve reached
my destination,
sometimes I
speed past it
cause I still
see no reason.

Can’t even describe
this frustration
so I keep
pushing through,
envisioning the
final collision.

It’s not the death wish
I wish to fulfill,
it’s desire to live
when all life does is
leave me feeling ill.

Knowing full well,
my life’s one function is,
to perform,
then execute,
my final kill.

Then again,
at other times
I get my thrill,
simply listening
to music,
smoking the herb,
and feeling chill.

Maybe, now
you feel,
how it is to live
my life of willy nill.

#CrotchRocket #Hiphop #Rap #Lyrics